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Drown out the distractions
and come home

Know a bit more

Buzz. Buzz. Ping. Click. Tick. Double Click.

It only takes a quick moment or flash on your phone before you’re lost in a sea of information, notifications, and limitless timelines. Learning something new takes focus, something that seems almost impossible to find in today’s age of information overload.

It’s time to drown out the distractions and come home. We’re more than just another ping on your phone or another confusing news article; we are your NFT community. Here at home, you know you can count on high-quality news and original content. You know you have someone to talk to. You don’t need to worry about filtering out the noise, we’ve got it distilled for you. That’s what community members do for each other.

That’s the Swivvell project.

With love,
Martin-Godfried Hayford.