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The Otherside NFT Project is slowly but surely becoming one of the most significant NFT projects of all time. The Otherside was first announced in March 2022, and it has already made a considerable impact around the world. To be more specific, the Otherside NFT project is currently making waves with its African Audience.


What is ‘The Otherside’ NFT Project?


The Otherside NFT project, in simple terms, is an expansion of the Bored Ape NFT project from Yuga Labs. We got a sneak peek of what the company is all about, and from the leak, the company is planning to expand the BAYC universe and invite all NFT creators to join.


The project is literally aimed at building a new NFT universe, specifically in the multiverse. Additionally, the project will ultimately be a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that connects directly to the BAYC system. The Otherside is a blend of Web3 and MMORPGs, creating a uniquely designed universe for the whole NFT community.


The Otherside is set to be its own Metaverse and will offer an interoperability experience where users will have the opportunity to move between Metaverse. The Otherside ideally helps users convert their NFTs into playable characters within the Metaverse, which is a fantastic, “out of this world” experience.


The Otherside NFT project and its impact on Africa


We can all agree that the NFT world has conversely increased the adoption of blockchain technology in most African countries. Africans are now among the global adopters of NFTs, with some reaping millions of dollars from NFT sales.


The Otherside has created a conducive environment for African NFT owners to enter the Metaverse with their NFT collection. In essence, the Otherside is a place that makes the NFT world fun and brings everything into perspective. Picture using your NFT characters as gaming avatars? Wouldn’t that be amazing? That said, the Otherside has been fully embraced by most NFT African creators, with some creators hoping to purchase land in the Otherside Metaverse. Indeed, the Otherside NFT project is the innovation of the century.


However, the recent Ethereum Crash made it seem as if NFT projects would fall, but only the well backed up with a massive following are able to survive the storm. The Otherside NFT is no exception. This project was launched in the middle of ETH’s market crash but surprisingly became a force to reckon with.


In Summary: the Otherside NFT Project and Africa


Hands down! The Otherside is already a robust NFT project with a professional team behind it, and we expect nothing but great innovative projects to crop up in this new world. The Otherside NFT is already making its mark on most continents, including Africa.


A good number of NFT African creators have already joined this new project. The fact that the Otherside ensures everyone enjoys playing the game is a plus. Over time, we expect global adoption of this new project thanks to its unique perspective of the NFT space and the Metaverse. 

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