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Over the past 12 months, the NFT space has seen immense growth. More than we could ever have imagined. NFTs even became so popular that the word ‘NFT’ was crowned word of the year by The Collins Dictionary, suggesting that this trend is something that we can’t ignore any longer. Despite the arguments from sceptics or hyped-up stories from NFT advocates, it is interesting to see what 2022 has in store for us. This article discusses some ideas and thoughts about NFTs in 2022.


  1. More mainstream brand involvement

One of the biggest NFT trends for 2022 will be the growing involvement of big corporations and brands. Major brands such as Electronic Arts and Activision emphasise this in several interviews claiming that ‘NFTs will be the future of gaming’. 


  1. Metaverse & gaming will be bigger than ever 

Specifically, the gaming industry will play a significant role in 2022. That’s because NFTs could offer a new way of gaming. Think, for example, of a game where you can earn NFTs and design your own house or world while interacting with other players. In the case of gaming, NFTs will serve as the bridge between the natural world and the metaverse. Perhaps even to the extent that both worlds will merge eventually. How exciting! 


  1. DAOs will continue to grow

Bitcoin is often regarded as the first fully working DAO, as it contains pre-programmed rules, operates autonomously, and is coordinated via a consensual protocol. DAOs will fundamentally change the way companies and start-ups work in 2022. This is because DAOs provide transparency, openness, and a decentralised system for doing business. DAOs allow collectors to have an active say in the plans and projects they are apart from. That transparency and openness to the general public and companies could provide us with a new way of working together.


  1. Airdropping tokens will become more popular 

Another trend that will take more shape in 2022 is the airdrop of tokens. This means that you can be paid out in tokens by simply participating in the space. Those airdrops can be seen as ‘giveaways’ of cryptocurrency tokens or coins to a select group of people. Airdrops are mainly used to attract public attention and recruit new followers, leading to a more extensive user base. To participate in the airdrop, people are asked to follow simple instructions such as following a specific Twitter account or joining a Telegram group. Users who are picked will receive free coins after the airdrop event. Those can either be held or being sold for a profit. Airdropping tokens to gain more followers or involve people in the world of NFTs and crypto has already been done by Afen. This initiative and NFT marketplace started originally in Africa. The founders of the platform wanted to deal with the problems of centralisation and inefficiency in the country and decided to counter these problems with the help of blockchain and NFTs. Also, in 2022, will the airdropping of tokens continue as it is a great way to get more people involved and learn about the blockchain and NFTs. 

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