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These are the top 5 African based NFT projects and platforms to look out for:


NFTs are currently a booming business. No wonder that thousands of new NFT projects are added every day. Did you know that there are currently more than 4 million NFT projects and NFTs for sale on platforms such as OpenSea, NFT-X and Mintable? That’s at least enough to choose from. But how do you find an NFT project (or platform) worth investing in? In this list, you will find the top 5 best African NFT projects that we believe are worth buying.



  1. The Out of Africa collection by Invictus NFT Lab

First on this list is The Invictus NFT Lab with their collection: Out of Africa. This collection has about 100 unique NFTs on Ethereum. These NFTs are all made by Southern Africa’s top contemporary fine artists. For many of these artists, the ‘Out of Africa’ collection will be their first work of art to be sold as NFT. The collection will be auctioned in February this year, so keep an eye on their website!



  1. The Big 5 by African NFT

The African NFT ‘Big 5 Collection’ embodies the essence of Africa; its strength, grace, beauty and power. The Big 5 refers to the five controversial animals found in Africa: The lion, the rhino, the elephant, the buffalo and the leopard. All these animals, or the big 5, are represented in different ways: equally unique and through an artistic lens. This makes The Big 5 collection a varied and controversial collection that uniquely portrays Africa and, even more critical: a project worth investing in.



  1. Masked Culture

Another NFT project that honours Africa and its culture is Masked. A beautiful collection of a blend between poetry and art. The Masked project was done in collaboration with one artist and 15 poets. This results in a unique combination of art streams such as poetry, music, paintings and movement. The NFTs are hand-drawn, digitally painted and animated. Each NFT refers uniquely to the deep cultural meanings transcending human generations in Africa. 




One of the most talked-about projects at the moment is AFRO X NFT. AFRO X NFT represents works of art created by Jesse Tomi in collaboration with various high-profile African historians and ancient African art curators. With the collection, Tomi wants to show the core of African culture by using unique African art styles in combination with futurism. Each NFT of the AFRO X NFT collection is represented by three afro beings and a mythical creature: a woman, man, genderless child, and a masquerade as a mythical creature.



  1. Time To Heal by ORI 

The last NFT project of African origin on this list is ORI. As the name implies, the African “Ori” originated in West Africa. This NFT project was created by film actor Djimon Hounsou and Brooklyn-based Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo (LAOLU). Together they have brought the collection “TIME TO HEAL” to life. This collection consists of 5 unique animated portraits, including one surprise static portrait of Djimon Hounsou himself, minted more than a thousand times. Check out their project here.

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